How do I join the Crompton’s Rewards Program?
It’s easy. Visit Crompton’s Auto Care and ask to join the program. You will receive a member card and will need to complete your enrollment online by Activating your Card and completing your profile. Remember, be sure to Activate your Card within 30 days of your transaction or any rewards you would have received will not be awarded.

What do I need to do to earn Points?
Make qualifying purchases with Crompton’s Auto Care. For more information visit our earn page and see in store for any available bonus offers.

How do I keep track of my Points?
You can see the Points you’ve received through your participation in Crompton’s Rewards by logging into your Crompton’s Rewards account and clicking Account History (underneath 'Account').

How many Points do I need to redeem?
There are many different items you can use your Crompton’s Points towards and each item has a different Point value. Check our Redeem page for more information.

What are Bonus Events?
We will promote Bonus Events periodically to help you accelerate your Points balance. During these events, you will be notified by our reward program emails on how to take advantage of the offers; bonus offer information will also be posted in store.

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